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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Brian Okada photo

Brian Okada

The oyster provides a culinary canvas to highlight both distinctive flavor play and stunning presentation. At Water Grill, an upscale seafood and steak concept, the Honeymoon Oyster marries both in a celebration of the sea.

Brian Okada, Director of Culinary of King Seafood, Water Grill’s parent company, starts by draining the liquor out of a Pacific oyster so that the elements to come will shine on their own. Next, he artfully places an assortment of ingredients onto the oyster: urchin lobe, salmon roe and two types of tobiko—one natural, one soy—a quail egg yolk and a garnish of green onion. The Honeymoon Oyster boasts a big dose of flavor, color and visual flair. “The flavors are plentiful,” says Okada. “You will taste the brine of the oyster, the fresh ocean taste and creaminess of the urchin, the different textures of the roe and the creaminess of the quail egg.”


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