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Sweet and savory flavor plays find a welcome home on flatbreads, which continue to dominate shareable menus. This particular combination elevates that experience, adding a freshness and purity of flavor that makes it particularly memorable. Rick Wolff, culinary consultant, developed this recipe, featuring rosemary, ricotta, red grapes, cracked black pepper, honey, lemon zest and hazelnuts, all served over naan.

“The grapes, ricotta and rosemary are inherently Mediterranean ingredients and naturally complement each other in both flavor and texture,” says Courtney Romano, foodservice consultant for the California Table Grape Commission. “In this application, the grapes lend a delicate sweetness that balances the aromatic, woodsy characteristic of the rosemary, while the creamy, mild ricotta provides the canvas for both to shine. Finished with accents of citrus from the lemon zest, and the toasted hazelnuts, each bite is intensely gratifying.” This winning combination could easily move from flatbread to entrée, perhaps with grilled chicken, suggests Romano.

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