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Savoring Spring El Dorado Kitchen | Sonoma, Calif.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

With rave reviews from diners every time it’s on the menu, the local lamb entrée at El Dorado Kitchen is a best-selling special. In the hands of Executive Chef Armando Navarro, the dish is a study in delicate textural and flavor play. “The rack of lamb is seared over high heat, preserving the juiciness,” he says. “We then cut it just before serving, allowing the natural jus to accent the palate.” The lamb is plated atop creamy white grits, lamb reduction and fresh caponata of eggplant, onion, fennel, roasted tomato, basil.

“A drizzle of lamb reduction rounds off the flavors,” he adds. “Between the crunchy and savory caponata, the creaminess of the grits and the tenderness of the lamb, this dish delivers multiple layers of texture and flavor.”

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