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BBQ Chicken Pizza, Reinvented NKD Pizza | Based in New Orleans

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

The sweet-savory barbecue chicken pizza has long been a standard bearer for modern pizza innovation. NKD Pizza, with its focus on all-natural ingredients and wholesome crusts, is changing up that now-classic pizza. “We elevated our barbecue sauce with the rich flavors of molasses, apple cider vinegar and chipotle pepper,” says Scott Black, COO and menu developer. “Combined, they create an adobo sauce, which adds elements of sweetness and smoke to the base of the pizza. We also utilized an old standby, fried onions, as a garnish—think green bean casserole. They add both texture and flavor to the pie. Nobody in the delivery space offers a pie quite like this one.”

For further differentiation, NKD uses a proprietary blend of 10 ancient grains for its crust. “The various grains all have different levels of natural sugar, which allows for a unique flavor profile,” says Black. “It took a number of iterations before we landed on the right blend of grains to maintain flavor on its own, as well as with toppings.”

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