Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for New Ideas for Naan
Leading with its distinctive bubbles and char, the Indian flatbread is making menu moves
Picture for Minding Their Business
There is much to be gained when ownership is an attitude.
Picture for Go Fish, Go Wild
Beer-battered Wild Alaska Pollock fillets deliver premium flavor value and a sustainability success story
Picture for A New View of Better-for-You
A new high-fiber flour has exciting implications for customer favorites like tortillas, pastas and handhelds.
Picture for Sweet Escapes
Fostering a coffee culture around community, conversation and connection
Picture for Hawaii Inspires
King’s Hawaiian makes exploring this top trend easy
Picture for Up with the Chickens
Disrupting conventions in the crispy, craveable chicken breast game
Picture for Lead With Lentils
A powerful pantry trifecta, lentils convey flavor, nutrition and satiety
Picture for 2 Lamb-tastic Menu Ideas
Acclaimed restaurateur Laura Ozyilmaz of San Francisco’s Dalida offers a case study on why the restaurant sources Aussie Lamb
Picture for Stirring the Pot
Women chefs speak up and speak out about life in the culinary arts
Picture for Umami Inspires
Japanese mash-ups: where tradition meets innovation
Picture for Grazing Matters
American sheep are stewards of the land
Picture for Sweet+Spicy+ Savory, Too
Flavor, sweetness, uniqueness and story make honey a modern menu-maker
Picture for Rise Above
Elevate sandwich offerings with two beloved bread brands
Picture for Boozy With Blueberries
Cocktails starring this superfruit become surefire menu hits
Picture for Burger Buddy
Pimiento cheese is giving burgers a new spin on craveability