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Bowl Model Best of Flavor 2017

East Meets West with Whole-grain brown rice, sweet potato glass noodles, Szechuan green beans, ahi tuna poke, citrus-marinated avocado, Thai coconut curry

The bowls trend keeps moving, with new combinations keeping today’s diners happy, ready to explore modern takes that deliver a feel-good component along with a satisfying experience. The newly opened Beehive Kitchen offers up an array of customizable bowl builds, all touting flavorful bases and add-ins (like lemon-basil quinoa and smoked paprika cauliflower), along with hormone- and antibiotic-free proteins.

It also menus a curated list of options, called Buzz Bowls, including the crowd-favorite East Meets West Bowl. “The popularity of the ‘East Meets West’ bowl has made this dish the bestselling specialty,” says Jason Grasty, Head Concept Chef.

“This Buzz Bowl starts with sweet potato glass noodles tossed in a spicy sesame-tamari sauce, then sees whole-grain brown rice cooked with chicken stock and roasted garlic and wok-fired green beans tossed in a spicy Szechuan sauce.” Fresh yellowfin ahi tuna poke is placed on top, along with fresh, house-cut Hass avocados tossed in lime juice. “It’s served with a homemade Thai coconut curry, a coconut milk-based sauce that balances salty, sweet and spicy.”

This fast-casual concept captures the trend, with culinary technique, mindful construction and wholesome profiles. “We use the best high-end culinary techniques to transform these simple ingredients into delicious flavors that guests love,” he says. “We’re at the forefront of an exciting, new movement in casual dining.”

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