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Southern Comfort Best of Flavor 2017

Fried Chicken & Pimento Cheese Sandwich - Chicken cutlet, cheddar biscuit, pimento cheese, heirloom tomatoes, pickles, lettuce

It’s actually possible to layer all the best of the modern Southern trend into one craveable sandwich build. The Fried Chicken & Pimento Cheese Sandwich combines a crispy buttermilk chicken cutlet tucked into a buttery, Wisconsin cheddar-inflected biscuit, then topped with Wisconsin pimento cheese, heirloom tomatoes, pickles and lettuce.

“This sandwich starts with classic comfort-food flavors and gives them a big kick,” says Rachel Kerr, Public Relations Manager for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. “The cheesy biscuit is the perfect base for crispy chicken, creamy Wisconsin pimento cheese, and the crunch and brightness of lettuce and pickles.”

The modern Southern combination makes for a memorable experience. “The flavor of this fried chicken sandwich is elevated with a double dose of cheddar,” she says. Adapting the profile into miniature versions would be easy enough, and could be reborn as a bar snack, appetizer or catered item.

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