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Spring Forward Best of Flavor 2017

Wild Mushroom Flatbread with goat cheese, arugula, and egg fried in olive oil

Julio Delgado

Flatbread offers a modern platform for flavor innovation, bringing with it a fun, shareable vibe, so when chefs land on a winning ingredient combination, the result is menu success. At JP Atlanta, Executive Chef Julio Delgado menus a Wild Mushroom Flatbread, celebrating the rites of spring. His diners love it, giving what he calls “outstanding reviews.”
“For chefs, spring means rebirth,” he says. “After a winter of dark colors and bold, deep flavors, we can’t wait to start using the aromas and flavors that only spring can offer.’

“One of my favorite ingredients in spring is morel mushrooms—their deep, hearty, nutty flavor is unique, and with the classic combination of asparagus, it’s always a winner,” says Delgado, whose menu is contemporary but rooted in tradition. The flatbread includes dollops of goat cheese and sunny-side-up eggs, fried in olive oil. “The ingredients create this amazing combination of earthy, creamy and rich flavors, plus the crisp golden crust is basically guaranteed deliciousness.” To take this flatbread to a different level, he suggests shaving fresh black truffle over top.

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