Healthy Menus

Picture for Ghee To Success
Snap Kitchen offers its Naked Salmon: Grilled salmon, grass-fed ghee, baby spinach, kale, broccolini, red peppers, shallots
Picture for Pulling Favor
Square Roots Kitchen offers a Comfort Food Bowl: Pulled pork, housemade spicy corn, black beans, cheddar and barbecue sauce over warm quinoa
Picture for The Millennial Effect
The priorities of a generation continue to shape our industry in profound ways
Picture for Making Protein Count
The shifting plate makeup is putting a renewed emphasis on quality protein with flavor at the forefront
Picture for Trend Tracking at the Source: Part 2
Picture for Middle Eastern Momentum
Picture for Carrot Craze
Picture for Coming Clean
Picture for Seafood's New Allure
Picture for Chili Garlic Pollock Fillet
Fillets of gurnard, lemon sole, bream, mullet and line-caught bass all respond well to this treatment, as do thick fillets of pollock.
Picture for Good Vibrations
Picture for Living with Labels
The new menu-labeling regulations prompt operators to take a fresh look at how to deliver what diners want
Picture for Retail Point of View
For ground-level consumer trend tracking, pay attention to the innovations put forth by supermarket chefs
Picture for Powering Up Produce
When chefs make produce craveable, customers come back for more
Picture for Street-Level Trend Tracking
Restaurant research in major U.S. cities uncovers creative menu ideas at every turn
Picture for Trend-Setters
Nationwide flavor trends get their start at emerging regional chains
Picture for Better-for-You Beverages
Picture for The Young and the Savvy
Kids know what they want, and commodity boards know how to help cater to their wishes
Picture for One Step Better For You
How are operators taking the healthfulness of their menus to the next level?
Picture for Healthy Meets Delicious
The approach to better-for-you menu strategies varies, but flavor should always take the lead
Picture for Here's to Your Health
Picture for Embedding Healthy Flavors
Picture for Better-for-you Boosts
Picture for Produce With Prominence
Picture for Say it with Salt
Picture for Playing Up Produce
Picture for Fresh Produce Premium Values
Picture for The Flexibility Factor
Picture for Protein Makes Big Plays
Picture for Serving Up Calorie Counts