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Reductions? Yes, You Can! A new model for a time-honored classic

Haliburton International Foods offers chef-inspired custom reduction sauces, like this Cabernet-Pomegranate version enhancing a dish of seared scallops atop a base of savory creamed corn and fire-roasted sweet bell peppers
PHOTO CREDIT: Haliburton International Foods

There used to be only one way to get a good reduction sauce—time, labor and culinary skill. Now, we do the work for you. Haliburton puts in the time, labor and skill so you can feature a reduction sauce worthy of any great kitchen. No fillers, no thickening agents. Just the same clean ingredients you would use when building a classic reduction sauce.

How do we do that?

“We make a custom reduction sauce by controlling the sauce’s environment, primarily the moisture,” says Mike Leccese, Director of Culinary and R&D for Haliburton International Foods, a specialty foods processor. “This allows us to create classic-technique reduction sauces.”

Haliburton uses only clean ingredients and delivers an intensely flavored, nuanced reduction sauce made to your specs. “We create the sauces as you would—using sugars, honey, other natural syrups, vegetable purées, fruit purées, natural bases, vinegars and alcohol—to create viscosity, color and flavor through natural reduction,” he says.

Benefits of a Custom Reduction Program

  1. helps with consistency
  2. cuts down on food costs
  3. provides relief from a labor intensified process
  4. creates possibilities for new food applications that may not have been attainable before

On-Trend Flavor Innovation

Although reductions are classic, they present big opportunity for modern flavor building, creating high impact on menus today. Haliburton’s culinary team will work with you on custom reduction sauces that fit your brand and elevate your menu.

Here are a few to inspire you, tapping into today’s best flavor trends and offering craveable combinations

“Custom reductions offer value-added ingredients that guests recognize as unique. They also assist with transitioning menus to clean-label offerings, and provide contrasting flavor profiles that help distinguish your menu.”
Mike Leccese, Director of Culinary and R&D for Haliburton International Foods

For more information visit haliburton.net

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