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By Flavor & The Menu
May 6, 2021

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Karl Pfleider

Karl Pfleider

Even on an ever-changing menu, some dishes carve out a permanent place, earning that honor through a combination of great sales and signature representation of the restaurant concept. The Blind Pig Kitchen + Bar, a modern American spot known for its progressive menu, features a Chicken Karaage, a popular starter that’s a spin on the Japanese classic.

“This dish is one of my personal favorites because it hits a little bit of everything—the crispy and meaty bites from the deep-fried chicken thigh, the cream and spice from the wasabi aïoli, and the acidity and freshness from the fresh-squeezed charred lemon juice and shishito peppers,” says Executive Chef Karl Pfleider. “It’s a great munchie to snack on while having a beer.” As a “staff pro tip,” he suggests to guests that they also order a side of Kimchi Fried Rice, moving the fried chicken shareable to a Japanese-inspired meal.

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Mike Kostyo is the VP of Menu Matters, a private consultancy that works with foodservice professionals to analyze, understand and leverage food and beverage, industry and consumer trends. Kostyo has been a recurring guest on Fusion TV’s “The A.V. Club” show; has been featured on NBC News, CBS Radio and Gimlet Media’s “Why We Eat What We Eat” podcast; is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines; speaks at numerous conferences across the country; and was a judge on Food Network’s “Eating America.” For over a decade, he was the resident Trendologist and an Associate Director at Datassential, one of the food industry's leading insights companies. Kostyo has a master’s in Gastronomy from Boston University, plus certificates in the culinary arts, baking arts, wine and artisan cheese production. He is a regular contributor to Flavor & The Menu and can be reached at [email protected].