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Going Bold Meat & Potatoes | Pittsburgh, Pa.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

No holding back—that’s the philosophy that made the Pub Burger the “best burger in Pennsylvania,” according to Thrillist. The burger starts with a patty that’s 80/20 chuck and brisket. “It’s fatty and beefy. The flavor starts there,” says Richard DeShantz, Chef/Owner of Meat & Potatoes. “We add to that by getting a great crust on the burger and adding a nice, deeply charred flavor.” Pastrami pork belly is the next layer, seasoned with coriander and black pepper and smoked. Horseradish cheddar adds a bite, while special sauce and pickles bring spice and brininess. Another layer of richness comes from a fried egg, and it’s all sandwiched between a housemade challah bun.

“This burger really showcases Meat & Potatoes’ ability to turn classic dishes into modern American cuisine,” says DeShantz. “Pieces of smoky, salty pork belly get transformed into a luscious burger topping that feels familiar, comfortable and indulgent—all at the same time.”

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