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Devil’s in the Details Ocean Prime | based in Columbus, Ohio

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It’s a known tenet that today’s better-for-you fare can’t be boring. As an example, consider Ocean Prime’s entrée of broiled arctic char. It’s given a star-power side of Brussels sprout leaves, red and yellow quinoa, carrots, red peppers, almonds, parsley and celery leaves, all tossed in sherry-mustard vinaigrette. “The twist in this dish is the way the Brussels sprouts are prepared,” says Ian Rough, Regional Chef at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, parent company of Ocean Prime. “The leaves are pulled apart and blanched, which gives it a beautiful, bright green color and gives the dish body.” As it’s one of the lightest dishes on the menu but doesn’t skimp on the flavor experience, the fish is a popular request for both lunch and dinner service.

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