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Bowling for Thai Flavors BD’s Mongolian Grill | Based in Burnsville, Minn.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Interactive restaurants, from Japanese hibachi to Mongolian barbecue, have been around for decades, but are updating their appeal with kicky flavors and broader global range. BD’s Thai Peanut Curry Bowl is crafted with yakisoba noodles, chicken, red onions, broccoli, Asian slaw and jalapeños mixed with a Thai peanut-soy sauce. The finish includes garlic, peanuts, curry, ginger and a splash of Sriracha. The bowl was created through a partnership with Stephanie Goldfarb, Produce Alliance corporate chef (and named “America’s Best Cook” by the Food Network). “The Thai Peanut Curry dish is an updated, healthier version of what you might order at your favorite takeout place,” says Goldfarb. “Loaded with healthy chicken, beautiful, fresh veggies, and topped with a flourish of fresh herbs and lime juice, this dish is sweet, spicy, tangy and full of flavor.” The great demand from customers for the bowl led BD’s to keep it on the menu longer than originally planned.

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