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Custom Cookie Baskin-Robbins | based in Canton, Mass.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Millennials and Centennials are looking for personalized touches at every turn in foodservice. Baskin-Robbins’ latest offering delivers that customization. The Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich features any of the chain’s 31 ice cream flavors sandwiched between a choice of two warmed-to-order chewy cookies, topped with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles or chopped almonds. Customers can also opt for a double, splurging on two scoops of ice cream between three cookies. There are currently four cookie options: dark chocolate chunk, double fudge, peanut butter-chocolate and white chunk macadamia nut.

“We think the endless opportunities for personalizing a Baskin-Robbins Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich make it a really special menu item for our guests,” says Jeanne Bolger, Director of R&D for Baskin-Robbins. “As we launch new ice cream flavors, including our Flavor of the Month, it’ll give guests new ice creams to try in their sandwiches.” Potential future line extensions include adding new cookie flavors to the lineup.

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