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Alfredo Goes Coastal Best of Flavor 2017

Coastal South Seafood Pasta - Pappardelle, Georgia white shrimp, Gulf crawfish tails, calamari, Alfredo sauce

Alfredo is one of those ubiquitous flavors that still offers so much room for interpretation and reinvention—all the while banking on its beloved familiarity. Deborah VanTrece’s Coastal South Seafood Pasta performed so well as a weekend special, she moved it onto her seasonal menu. “We wanted to do a play on a traditional Alfredo, but we lightened it up a bit by using milk and a light roux to prevent the sauce from being too heavy,” says VanTrece, Executive Chef/Owner of Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, a modern soul food restaurant.

“We wanted a simple pasta dish, light and familiar with the coastal South seafood and flavors. The punch is in the combination of herbs, garlic and the distinct flavors of anise and spring onion, coupled with the dash of heat from all those wonderful spices.”

She likes a pappardelle noodle for the dish because of “how it hugs the sauce.” Currently, the seafood mix includes Georgia white shrimp, Gulf crawfish tails and calamari strips. “The dish was designed to be powerful in flavor and light in texture. Guests love this non-intimidating meal, which leaves you feeling pleasantly satisfied, but not overstuffed. It’s also a successful dish because it lends itself to lots of variety and personalization, and it never goes out of fashion. Good pasta dishes are always trending.”

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