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A Pudding for All Seasons National Watermelon Promotion Board

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Combining the juicy freshness of watermelon with a rich, soul-satisfying pudding seems like a study in contrasts, but the flavor and texture combination are in perfect harmony. Developed by Dave Woolley, consulting chef, the pudding’s recipe features watermelon juice, which bolsters both the watermelon color and flavor.

“The Watermelon-Mint Crème Fraîche has a creamy and crunchy consistency with a bright flavor from the mint,” says Megan McKenna, Director of Foodservice and Marketing. “The crumble gives the dish a contradictory crunch.” A garnish of pickled watermelon rind adds interest, as well as tying nicely into the root-to-stem movement. “Taking a bite with each layer is a great flavor-and-texture watermelon experience,” she says. “The recipe is a home run as-is, but the pickle can also be used on cheese or charcuterie boards, in sandwiches or salads.”

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