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Toast, On Point American Egg Board

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

With the toast trend continuing its roll on menus nationwide, this Moroccan Scrambled Egg Tartine offers a flavor-forward rendition. Developed by Chef Scott Samuel during his tenure at The Culinary Institute of America, it comes together in a series of layers, starting with toasted whole-grain bread topped with soft scrambled eggs. Next comes the marinated, grilled eggplant, then Moroccan-spiced ground lamb. It’s finished with micro arugula.

“The beauty of the open-faced tartine is that it lends itself to so many interpretations and flavor combinations,” says Steve Solomon, menu strategist for the American Egg Board. “You start with the familiar bread and eggs, and then you build from there. For instance, why not a deviled egg spread topped with roasted vegetables and lemon ricotta?” Indeed, authentic global flavors add complexity and appeal to today’s Millennial consumers, who like to discover and try new flavor combinations.

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