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Swapping for Salmon Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute & Wandering Table | Spokane, Wash.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Adam Hegsted, Chef/Owner of Wandering Table at Kendall Yards in Spokane, Wash., won first place in the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s “Swap Meat for Alaska Seafood” contest with his Salmon Osso Buco recipe. In it, he subs in wild Alaska sockeye salmon for veal. “The idea is built around classic osso buco. Obviously, salmon can’t be cooked as long, but it can really stand up to some of the same bold flavors,” says Hegsted. “There are many flavor nuances at work in the dish. First you have the flavorfulness of the salmon combined with comfort flavors of a roasted potato and red-wine jus. And the gremolata garnish gives a vibrancy to what would be a very rich sauce, and also cuts through the fat and gives great contrasting flavor.”

What made this a win? “Chef Adam’s dish is not only delicious, it embodies the very idea of our ‘Swap Meat for Alaska Seafood’ concept,” says Tricia Sanguinetti, representative for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. “In this classic meat dish, he successfully demonstrates how simple it is to menu a healthier, tastier and more environmentally friendly dish by using seafood.”

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