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Smoky-Sweet The Promontory | Chicago

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Tying in to its theme of hearth-based cooking, the S’mores Soufflé is one of the most successful dishes on The Promontory’s menu. The s’mores build captures the essence of the campfire while elevating it to signature status. The secret is switching out the classic chocolate bar for a rich, elegant soufflé.

“To me, s’mores are a quintessential open-fire, Americana dessert,” says Jeremy Brutzkus, Pastry Chef. He starts with a smoked chocolate soufflé, then adds smoked graham cracker-malt ice cream and brûléed marshmallow. “When eating this dish, you get the rich dark chocolate that gets softened by the toasted marshmallow and enriched with the complex flavors of smoke, graham cracker, malt and dairy,” he says. “I believe it’s been so successful because the base concept for the dish is relatable to almost every American. It’s the flavors you know that are presented in a totally unexpected format.”

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