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Smoked Pineapple Gimlet And Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita - Made With Monin

Today’s cocktail culture embraces fresh flavors and creative combinations. Consumers looking to be wowed at every turn are driving innovation. In response, forward-thinking beverage programs are serving signature drinks that translate today’s biggest trends.

“An important through line in cocktail innovation now is attention to flavor detail,” says Darren Loscalzo, VP of innovation for Monin. “Authentic flavors that help build a nuanced, well-crafted drink are so important today.”

Beverage specialists at Monin have tapped into two major trends that hold big opportunity in the incredibly dynamic universe of modern cocktails. With the help of Monin Concentrated Flavor, beverage programs can easily up their flavor game.

A New Balance

Consumers today are looking for cocktails that temper sweet with acid, bitter or heat. This trend requires consistent flavor balancing—it’s important to find the right touch of sweet, yielding a more sophisticated, complex experience. Monin Pineapple Concentrated Flavor, coupled with Monin Jalapeño Concentrated Flavor, for instance, strikes the perfect balance. “A bit of heat in a cocktail, from chile peppers like jalapeño or habanero, offers intrigue and helps counter sweeter notes really nicely,” says Loscalzo.

Smoke Signals

Smoke in beverages has been developing traction for a while now, and thanks to the embrace of ingredients like mezcal and smoked salt, it’s a welcome element in bolder cocktail builds. The trick is using a deft hand, adding subtle background rather than an overpowering element. Monin Oak Barrel Concentrated Flavor introduces just the right amount of woodsy, smoky tones. “You only need a tiny bit to make a really big flavor impact and give the cocktail an aged sensibility,” says Loscalzo.

Naturally Inspiring

Monin’s line of Concentrated Flavors boasts AUTHENTIC FLAVOR WITHOUT SWEETNESS—no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Bright and beautiful, they’re made with the highest quality ingredients and natural flavors. Available in 20 clean and customizable flavors for both culinary and beverage applications.


From the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Flavor & the Menu magazine. Read the full issue online or check if you qualify for a free print subscription.

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