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Floral Counterpoint Fogo de Chão | based in Addison, Texas

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Perhaps it’s a surprise that a light, floral cocktail like the Lavender Southside would invite demand in a meat-centric concept like Fogo de Chão. But its complementary character is precisely the reason it works so well with the medley of churrasco-style meats. As with a classic Southside, gin sets the tone, with fresh lime sour introducing bright acidity. The addition of lavender bitters and dried lavender gives it an updated floral spin. “This cocktail was crafted to be well balanced, leaning slightly toward the sour/tart side,” says Andrew Feldmann, Senior VP of Marketing. “The acid does a great job of complementing our richly marbled cuts of steak.”

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