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Flavor Bomb Crop Rocks | Cleveland

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There’s a story behind the deliciously unhinged version of poutine that Crop Rocks serves as part of its bar menu. Steve Schimoler, Chef/Owner of four Crop restaurants, was at a local dive bar in the wee hours when he was challenged to do a kitchen takeover. “I invaded their kitchen and got to work. The place basically had burgers and fries, so I felt a mash-up was the only option,” he recalls. “The results became infamous and eventually found a home on my rock-and-roll-driven bar menu at Crop Rocks.” The dish was dubbed “Shrapnel” for its explosion of elements and flavors.

Schimoler still uses the same process as he did the first time he made it: A seasoned burger is thrown on a char grill while fries go in the fryer. Then he places a stainless steel mixing bowl on the grill. “It’s essentially standing in as a wok. I add sliced onions, red and green peppers, pickles and garlic, and I stir-fry them in the bowl.” When the burger is cooked rare, it’s rough-chopped into the bowl. Then comes barbecue sauce, Dijon mustard and Sriracha, plus the fries. The whole thing is dumped on a platter, covered with cheddar cheese and garnished with scallions. The late-night bar crowd loves the indulgent dish, which is also offered as an add-on side to sandwiches and burgers.

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