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Doughnut Rebellion Clyde Frazier’s | New York

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

When Agustin Mejia, Clyde Frazier’s Pastry Chef, decided to replace the Ricotta Donuts with churros, there was trouble. “The restaurant regulars rose up and demanded their return. They

now occupy a permanent place on our dessert menu,” says Bridgeen Hale Rice, General Manager. Why the fuss? “The secret to these irresistible little doughnuts is the ricotta cheese, which creates a springy, airy texture,” she says. “They melt in your mouth, and they’re just sweet enough, without being overpowering.” The fluffy, warm pastries are rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate and vanilla dipping sauces. “They’re a top seller on our dessert list—we sell over 100 each week,” she says. At 10 pieces to an order, these bite-sized doughnuts make the perfect shareable—a definite boon in today’s modern dining culture.

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