Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Craveable Comfort Potatoes anchor trends with all-important familiarity

Korean Eggs Benedict with Gochujang Hollandaise

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We’re living in a wonderful age of plant-forward innovation, where produce and legumes are the stars of the show, attracting huge interest through complexity of flavor. Potatoes are a great platform here, anchoring any adventure with a familiar and well-loved ingredient. One of the largest opportunities in plant-forward foods is vegetarian dishes that appeal to a broader consumer, hitching the recipe development onto intriguing, modern flavor combinations.

We asked RJ Harvey, RDN, CEC, Global Foodservice Marketing Manager with Potatoes USA, to reimagine a few bold, meat-centric dishes, moving them into vegetarian profiles—without trading down on the experience. “Potatoes make up the foundation of these recipes—because they’re versatile and delicious, but also because they keep things familiar and grounded when introducing your guests to unique flavor combinations and techniques,” says Harvey. “Tapping into the plant-forward trend is a smart strategy for menu distinction. Potatoes help build the bridge to more adventurous builds.”

Potatoes USA

Gnocchi Hash with Sunny side egg

Gnocchi Updates the Traditional Hash

Gnocchi Hash with Sunny-Side Egg

For an indulgent plant-forward twist, replace corned beef with:

  • roasted shiitake “bacon”
  • thinly sliced corned carrot “pastrami”
  • pulled, smoked portobello mushroom

Crispy Potato Cakes Update the English Muffin

Korean Eggs Benedict with Gochujang Hollandaise

For an indulgent plant-forward twist, replace bulgogi beef with:

  • bulgogi-marinated slow-roasted tomatoes
  • charred spicy eggplant marinated in Sriracha kimchi
  • grilled yakitori-style rutabaga
  • shiro miso- and scallion-sautéed sweet corn

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