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Coleslaw 2.0 Garden Restaurant Corp. | based in San Diego

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Busting the myth that coleslaw is boring, Consulting Chef Kim Zupfer developed two different slaws that take familiar ingredients and kick them up a couple notches for Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.’s Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation concepts. The Sriracha Ranch Slaw was designed as a flavor-forward update to regular slaw. It capitalizes on the spicy trend, combining crisp, green cabbage and fresh bok choy with fresh cilantro, corn, carrots, red bell peppers and sunflower seeds—plus Sriracha and a hint of garlic in the ranch dressing. “This salad is surprising in that the ingredients are simple and familiar, yet deliver a flavor that’s craveable and delicious,” says Zupfer, who serves as the company’s corporate chef. “This new twist on coleslaw has been a guest favorite and a top mover every time it’s available.” For the Texas Slaw, green cabbage is combined with fresh jalapeños, red onion, corn, cheddar cheese and fresh cilantro. “The fresh flavor of the cilantro comes forward in this salad, and familiar ranch dressing is accentuated with the Texas flavors of cumin, coriander, fresh garlic and tangy lime juice.”

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