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By Patricia Fitzgerald
May 13, 2022

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Mark Steuer

Mark Steuer

Pastrami as a trend-forward flavor system has been making inroads across a variety of concepts, as the classic profile is reimagined with other meats, vegetables and, now, seafood.

At Funkenhausen, a modern beer hall, Chef/Owner Mark Steuer draws on his German heritage and South Carolina upbringing to create inventive mash-ups like the Swordfish Pastrami. The dish leverages the flavor familiarity of the Reuben in the form of a light, seafood-focused small plate.

Steuer originally intended to use sturgeon but encountered supply issues. He thinks the switch to swordfish might be even better than his original concept. “Swordfish is great for this application because it takes a meaty fish to hold up to being brined for a week and then smoked without crumbling or drying out,” he says. “The smoky, moist bite of fish is enhanced by salty and funky sauerkraut, creamy sweetness from a tomato aïoli, a nice little pop of acid from pickled mustard and crunch from a chicharrón. It’s a pretty little plate of food that packs tons of flavor into each bite.”


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