Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development




By Katy McCann
May 13, 2022

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Rachel Porter

Rachel Porter

S’mores, the nostalgic campfire classic, continue to be a source of whimsical inspiration for chefs eager to play with its different flavor and texture components. At Frida Southwest, with a menu mix inspired by northern New Mexico and Oklahoma cuisines, the Southwest S’mores deliver an on-brand flavor profile anchored in chipotle, chocolate and dulce de leche. “Everyone wants to experience something they remember as a kid,” says Rachel Porter, Pastry Chef. “The familiar flavors combined with new and exciting tastes and textures make this dish a hit.”

Calling forth the memories and flavors of a warm, smoky campfire, Porter first spoons a smoky, spicy chipotle-chocolate sauce across the plate, topping it with piped towers of marshmallow fluff, which are then toasted. “We smoke melted chocolate and temper it with Maldon salt to create a smoky, salty chocolate bar,” she says. Housemade gluten-free graham cookies sandwich dulce de leche before being tucked into the marshmallow mounds. “The spicy chocolate paired with the crunchy, sweet cookies is mellowed by the sweet chocolate for the full experience of a high-end s’more.”


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