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By Eliza Amari
May 12, 2022

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Adriana Olson

Adriana Olson

Bowls continue to be an ideal medium for showcasing premium ingredients, appealing to diner preferences and adapting to changing seasonal highlights. Adriana Olson, Chef at Seattle-based Nordstrom Restaurants, makes the most of this wide-ranging appeal with the 5-Alarm Fall Vegetable-Grain Bowl, featuring lamb meatballs, which she created in collaboration with True Aussie Beef & Lamb.

Flavorful seasonal elements like roasted butternut squash and crispy beet chips are combined with a quinoa-farro blend, feta cheese and greens. But the meatballs are the shining star of this dish, infused with Nordstrom’s signature 5-Alarm Island Jerk spice blend for a kick of heat, then cooled by a touch of rich, spiced yogurt. “Using lamb is an easy way to remake old favorites like meatballs that need a bit of a refresh,” says Olson. “Lamb is a way more versatile ingredient than it gets credit for. It has that earthy, umami flavor, and you can brighten it up in a number of different ways, like we do in this grain bowl. Once people try meatballs with lamb, they’ll never want to go back!”


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