Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development




By Lisa Shames
May 11, 2022

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Matt Singer

Matt Singer

Paying homage to New England’s iconic oyster houses, The Salt Line naturally offers a selection of bivalves, as well as other fresh-from-the-sea items. To highlight their pristine flavors, Matt Singer, Executive Chef, opts for a less-is-more approach, and that’s especially true for the restaurant’s selection of crudos and ceviches.

For his best-selling Kanpachi Crudo, Singer starts with ocean-farmed fish from the Pacific. “Kanpachi is a delicious, versatile and sustainable fish; it makes a great choice for this application, especially as seafood prices continue to rise,” says Singer. Pickled carrots and fresh radishes dressed with lime juice and topped with crunchy fried ginger provide a perfectly balanced bite when paired with the creaminess of the fish.

“The Kanpachi Crudo is a nice vehicle for the flavor combinations in the dish. The carrots, ginger and cumin go really well together. There are so many different textures and flavor profiles on the plate: crunchy, sweet, pickled, bright, fresh citrus and a purée,” he says. “The key is taking simple ingredients and presenting them in a unique, flavorful fashion that makes it exciting.”


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