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By Katy McCann
May 13, 2022

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Imran Ali Mookh

Imran Ali Mookh

Bhel puri is a savory snack mix and beloved street food in Pakistan and India, but still new to most American diners. At Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen, where Imran “Ali” Mookhi, Executive Chef and Founder, serves upscale versions of traditional Indian fare, the Pomegranate Bhel Puri acts as a particularly accessible bridge for guests less familiar with the cuisine. “The beauty behind this dish is that it is an elevated take on a very common street food,” says Mookhi.

The dish has countless variations, depending on region and recipe. At Khan Saab, crackers, peanuts, crispy puffed rice and vermicelli are mixed and roasted with mint and tamarind chutney, then finished with fresh pomegranate seeds. The result is texture-forward street fare in a friendly format that bursts with authentic flavors but leaves room for customized tweaks with other high-impact ingredients.

“The warm, spiced flavor of the roasted peanuts and vermicelli coalesce with the brightness from the fruits and herbs for a bite that bursts with a myriad of eloquently balanced flavors,” says Mookhi. “Customers rave over the addition of fresh pomegranate.”


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