Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
February 27, 2023

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“Asian cuisines blend with many other cuisines to create a mash-up offering,” says Liz Moskow, principal of Bread & Circus consultancy. “Eggs can be poached in dashi without changing the core fundamentals of current breakfast offerings, crêpes can be filled with Thai ingredients, a Chinese condiment can sub in for ketchup, Asian-style mushrooms can work exceedingly well inside omelettes, crêpes and handhelds — all of these ideas add Asian flair to breakfast foods. Simple ingredient swaps can be made that don’t require a whole new set of SOPs to keep menu offerings current and at the cutting edge of this trend.”

Our panel of chefs and menu consultants offer 10 menu ideas around Asian breakfast:

  1. Cream of Coconut Rice with spiced Thai pork sausage and toasted peanut-lime crunch
    — Robert Danhi
  2. Shanghai Benedict with Chinese five-spiced hollandaise and lap cheong sausage
    — Rosalyn Darling
  3. Korean Barbecue Breakfast Burrito
    — Mike Leitner
  4. Tokyo Skillet: Japanese taro hashbrowns topped with over-easy eggs and drizzled with tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayo and furikake seasoning
    — Rosalyn Darling
  5. Bulgogi Breakfast Bagel: Lightly toasted plain bagel, Korean beef bulgogi, kimchi cream cheese
    — Rob Corliss
  6. Thai Kanom Waffles: Coconut waffles topped with fresh mango, torched Italian meringue and pandan-infused syrup
    — Rosalyn Darling
  7. Ham and Green Onion Fried Rice “Benedict” topped with a poached egg, soy hollandaise and chile crunch
    — Kathy Casey
  8. Rice paper “Burritos” stuffed with sticky ginger rice, scrambled eggs, avocado, sesame soy Kewpie and green onions, served with a Thai coconut peanut sauce for dipping
    — Kathy Casey
  9. Omurice: Soft-cooked omelette draped over fried rice and topped with a tangy brown sauce
    — Charlie Baggs
  10. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bao
    — Mike Leitner



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