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By Patricia Fitzgerald

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Mauro Martina

Brunch is not a daypart when butternut squash tends to shine. If it makes an appearance at all, it’s likely to be relegated to a component in a hash. But at OEB Breakfast Co., the Canadian chain with locations in Arizona and California, Mauro Martina, Chef/Founder, gives butternut squash a deserved spotlight in the Truffle Squash Benedict. “When braised right, it has the perfect melt-in-your mouth texture and the perfect sweetness when in season. Now add truffle mushrooms, and the Benedict becomes a whole new experience. It’s rich, but not heavy. It’s sweet, but also salty and creamy,” he says. “It’s just perfect!”

Martina was driven to create a new take on a familiar brunch classic. “I wanted to create something special, something that involved a cooking technique that would take time and precision,” he says. “When a dish becomes your vegetarian best seller, you know you’ve done something right.”


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Patricia Fitzgerald

Patricia Fitzgerald is Contributing Editor of Flavor & The Menu, and a writer and content editor for a wide range of clients and media outlets. With more than 25 years at the helm of School Nutrition magazine, she has made the K-12 foodservice segment a particular niche, but her experience also includes work in many other industries and professions, including telecommunications, packaging, disability advocacy, waste management, community associations, small business retailers and more. [email protected]