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By Liz Barrett Foster

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Ajay Walia

“Bombay Sliders are a common street food in India, and I wanted to take a unique, modernized approach with the recipe, which has gained a ‘cult-like’ following for a reason,” says Ajay Walia, Owner and Executive Chef of Saffron, an Indian concept blending influences from both the north and south. These sliders were one of the most popular items at Walia’s previous restaurant, and he chose to feature them on Saffron’s menu.

The patties for the sliders are naturally vegetarian and gluten-free, made with a base of potatoes bulked up with vegetables and seasoned with spices like coriander, garam masala and gunpowder seasoning. They’re battered in a combination of gram (lentil flour) and rice flours, seasoned with even more vibrant spices before being fried, and sandwiched between soft rolls flavored with chile powder and browned in ghee. Housemade tamarind and cilantro-mint chutneys are the finishing touch. “I love this dish because it satisfies the street-food palate by combining sweet, tangy and a bit of spice all in one bite,” says Walia, adding, “Customers also go crazy for the fluffy, buttery roll.”


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