Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Katie Ayoub

Modern Flavor Migration

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Chipotle can convey both familiarity and innovation, such as with Applebee’s new sirloin and chipotle-lime shrimp with fried red potatoes, black bean-corn salsa, mushrooms, red peppers, red onion and a zesty chipotle cream sauce. Photo courtesy of applebee’s. Tracking the trail of iconic flavor systems as they go from edgy to comfort By Katie Ayoub One of the things that makes foodservice so dynamic is the constant evolution of flavor trends. But that steady forward motion also makes it challenging for high-volume restaurants to key into what their customers crave. Familiar,...

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Produce’s Foundational Four

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit A greater variety of leaf lettuces and the operator’s ability to customize blends to suit their needs are two of the biggest innovations in the lettuce category. Photo courtesy of markon. Potatoes, lettuce, onions, tomatoes — recent innovations are maximizing the flavor of these menu workhorses By Katie Ayoub When we think about menu innovations in produce, we tend to think about the new players on the scene: jicama, kale, pomegranate. These “exotics” certainly add interest, but they make up just a fraction of a typical produce order. What are the...

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Frozen Treats Put Flavor First

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Artisan gelato is a big driver in frozen-dessert innovations and Jessica Oloroso exemplifies this trend with clever creations on a stick at Chicago’s Black Dog Gelato. Her whiskey-spiked gelato is dunked in milk chocolate and rolled in crispy, salty bacon. Photo courtesy of black dog gelato. Modern ice cream desserts serve up nostalgic tradition with a topping of artistic innovation By Katie Ayoub What’s new in frozen desserts? Despite the scoopfuls of innovation in flavors, inclusions, edible carriers and frozen-dessert forms, the familiar vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams remain fan...

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What’s for Breakfast?

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Familiar breakfast flavors such as egg, bacon and cheddar get an Asian twist when tucked inside a steamed bun at Wow Bao. Photo courtesy of wow bao. Operators are taking strides to stand out from the tall stack of breakfast choices By Katie Ayoub If there is one menu daypart that highlights today’s fickle consumer preferences, it’s breakfast. Conflicted consumers want it fast, but made with care. They look for better-for-you items, yet taste always trumps health. They want something unique, but comforting and familiar. And, of course, diners on the...

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Playing Up Produce

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit To reflect a move to fresh, house-made menu items, Sizzler recently revamped its legendary salad bar, which now boasts an abundance of freshly made salads and soups and on-trend ingredients. Photo courtesy of sizzler. With fruit and vegetable consumption headlining nutrition policy, chains are putting produce to work By Katie Ayoub With MyPlate, the USDA replaced the old Food Pyramid with a user-friendly illustration of how America should eat. In clear, colorful expression, it tells consumers that produce should make up half of their plate. The MyPlate message is sure to...

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