Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Katie Ayoub

Salad Days Have Arrived

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Pleasing both the eye and palate, this healthful composition has it all — grilled and raw veggies, sharp and silky flavors and a satisfying crunch from nuts and crispy garnishing. Photo courtesy of almond board of california. Chefs are upping the flavor proposition for greens to meet consumers’ demand for bold, bright flavors By Katie Ayoub The overarching menu trend toward bigger, bolder flavors is sparking chefs to get innovative in creating more-interesting, delicious salads. “Many consumers say that a better overall variety of salad options would encourage them to purchase...

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Produce Innovation

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Today’s highly controlled cold chain carries produce from the grower to the operator in just-picked condition, offering peak flavor, impeccable appearance and extended shelf life. Photo courtesy of mann packing. With modern supply-chain efficiencies and the application of new technology, produce’s “flavor life” is better than ever By Katie Ayoub Today’s diners seek more than just good food; they seek a flavor experience. With produce, they yearn for stories of provenance. They also expect their favorites year-round, bursting with freshness and flavor. “You have consumers today who are looking for the...

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