Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Katie Ayoub

All-Day Desserts The growing appetite for sweet-somethings is stretching the boundaries of dessert

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Reel Club, a Lettuce Entertain You concept in Oak Brook, Ill., has cleverly extended desserts like its Mounds Bar (coconut ice cream, macaroon cake and hot fudge sauce) into a “Bite of the Night” offering. Photo courtesy of reel club. As a consumer, there’s very little not to love about this trend. Desserts served up in wonderful ways whenever I get the craving? Sign me up. But how did we move from desserts as an after-meal indulgence to an anytime sweet treat? It’s not so much a flavor trend; it’s a...

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Sour Gets Serious Chefs and consumers are puckering up to sour’s bright, lively flavor

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends PHOTO CREDIT: nocredit Housemade pickled onions serve as a sour counterpart to rich pork-belly skewers served at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya in New York City. Photo courtesy of steve hill. Sour. The word lacks charm, but holds so much dimension and possibility. We’re declaring 2014 as the year in which chefs will unleash its bracing, acidic, palate-cleansing potential. Often relegated to being a background player, sour is stepping out with big moves. Mustards, varietal citrus, the pickling trend, yogurt, kimchi, vinegars—all have crept up on consumers, reminding them that there is indeed a place...

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