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Greek to Me Best of Flavor 2017

Spicy Bacon Avocado Gyro

The Gyro Shack, with four drive-thru locations in Boise, began as a food truck. It serves up more than 10 gyros and pita sandwiches, from the classic gyro meat, tzatziki, tomato and onion to more modern iterations, like the Spicy Bacon Avocado Gyro.

“The popularity of the Spicy Bacon Avocado Gyro definitely showed us that customers who love Greek food are looking for unique twists on authentic favorites,” says Doug Miller, CEO. It stars gyro meat, tzatziki, bacon, tomato, onion, avocado and a spicy sauce—either a sambal oelek or housemade green sauce, made with Serrano peppers and avocado.

“The bacon, avocado and sauce blend nicely with traditional gyro flavors, without the heat becoming too strong,” he says. “It’s our expansion on the traditional Chicago-style gyro, and it shows the gourmet side of gyros—something unexpected that gets you hooked the first time you try it.”

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