Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

Globalize your brunch menu with flavor twists on pancakes, waffles, Benedicts and bowls. A savory grain porridge adapted from congee with egg, soy sauce, fresh herbs and veggies would serve well for customization, as would a breakfast fried rice with sautéed greens, pork belly and pickled egg. Patatas Bravas Breakfast Bowl is a Spanish take on the standard egg and potato bowl. Or try okonomiyaki, the Japanese cabbage-based pancake, for a bold global spin on a mainstay.
DINA PAZ, Culinary Director, SRG

Brunch is the perfect vehicle to tap into breakfast traditions from around the world. Global breakfasts are largely unexplored in our country. Brunch offers an ideal opportunity to highlight these traditions and customize them to American taste preferences.
CHRIS KOETKE, Chef/Founder, Complete Culinary, LLC

An interest in global flavors for breakfast beyond sweet has broadened brunch offerings around the country. Enter global flavors from Mexican-inspired egg dishes like huevos rancheros to jianbing, egg-based crêpes from China. Almost every cuisine has a hero egg dish: Spanish tortilla, Japanese tamagoyaki, Italian frittata—none requires a big leap for brunch-goers to understand.
LIZ MOSKOW, Principal, Bread & Circus Consulting

Exploring global cultures to see how they approach “before noon” meals is crucial in attracting an ever-changing market. Palates are diverse, diners are adventurous and chefs need a more creative outlet than the dinner rush. Bringing in the global pantry and exploring less traditional American fare at brunch is a perfect way to stand out.
T.J. DELLE DONNE, Assistant Dean, Culinary Relations and Special Projects, Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts

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