Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

Fruit tends to get relegated to desserts or salads, but now chefs are starting to think outside the box and expand the introduction of fruit into all sorts of dishes and applications. Bowls are a natural fit for fruit in all forms: pickled, grilled, blistered, smoked and roasted, to name a few. Introduce fruit, like blueberry, into hummus for a signature version of a now-standard starter.
JOHN FRANKE, Chef/Founder, Franke Culinary Consulting

Applying culinary techniques to fruit allows operators to add umami and “Wow!” to the flavor and appearance of beverages: smoked fruit cocktails, grilled or pickled fruit garnishes, fermented fruit beverages (like shrubs and switchels), infusions and creative sangrias—to name a few.
DAVID COMMER, President, Commer Beverage Consulting

Foodservice operators could consider embracing this trend by identifying opportunities to explore fruit as a replacement for sugar in applications across the spectrum of sweet to savory. Playing up its inherent textures and colors can bring complexity and visual appeal.
JESSICA FOUST, RDN, VP of Culinary Innovation & Nutrition, Creative Food Solutions

The staying power of plant-forward menu design contributes to chefs’ focus on fruit. Global cuisines use fruits in all meal parts, not just in dessert or breakfast. The natural sweetness creates a craveable balance with spicy and bitter flavor notes.
RON DESANTIS, CMC, Principal Advisor, CulinaryNXT consulting

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