Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

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Many comfort foods are fermented, or are made with ingredients that are: miso, soy, fish sauce, anchovies, cheese and ham, to name a few. And we can leverage this to ideate and create new menu items that customers will crave. Fermented foods also have the proven ability to reduce sodium by leveraging their taste-active umami compounds of amino acids, nucleotides and peptides.
ROBERT DANHI, Chef/Founder, Chef Danhi Inc.

Conquering food waste is one of the most important issues facing foodservice right now. Fermentation is a way to serve great tasting food, but to use every part of ingredients as well. I would add cryoconcentration to this category. Using food trimmings to create intense flavors to boost the taste of all dishes is beneficial in many ways.
RON DESANTIS, CMC, Principal Advisor, CulinaryNXT consulting

Fermentation offers so many benefits both to the chef and the consumer. In the kitchen, it allows for items to be prepped ahead of time and extends the shelf life significantly on many perishable items. It also incorporates contrast in flavors as the vinegar/acidic base is a wonderful counterpoint to rich and fatty proteins.
CHRIS CASSON, VP of Sales, Produce & Specialty Foods, Shamrock Foods Company

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