Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

For these cuisines, this marks the transition from being regarded by consumers as unusual global fare and the beginning of their inclusion into mainstream American foods, opening up a brand new world of possibilities for restaurant brands. Foods that we are most comfortable with are the ones that we as chefs are the most apt to play with and fuse with other mainstream items. This mash-up is a natural process in U.S. menu development.
CHRIS KOETKE, Chef/Founder, Complete Culinary, LLC

There’s big opportunity in playing with Eastern Med formats and applying spice blends from Japan, Mexico or Vietnam, for example.
MAEVE WEBSTER, President, Menu Matters

Even in beverage development, mash-ups provide safe experimentation for consumers to try something new by pairing it with something known. We are starting to see saffron margaritas and Syrian apricot paste in lemonades and spiked punches. Beverage developers will continue to push the envelope and to create new, unexpected applications infusing Eastern Med flavors and spirits.
DAVID COMMER, President, Commer Beverage Consulting

Eastern Med mash-ups provide operators the dual opportunity to communicate both freshness and indulgence on the menu. Eastern Med evokes the culinary beauty of fresh, bright, clean flavors while at the same time embodies the use of high- impact ingredients, warming spices and complex sauces.
ROB CORLISS, Chef/Founder, ATE (All Things Epicurean)

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