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Flavor Find: Grilled Cheese At San Francisco’s Bluestem Brasserie, the Grilled Cheese and Honey is the ultimate comfort food

Bluestem Brasserie cleverly upgrades a grilled cheese, making it bar-snack worthy with truffled cheese, honey and cured egg yolk.
PHOTO CREDIT: Bluestem Brasserie

Life doesn’t get better than a good grilled cheese sandwich. Stacy and Adam Jed, the husband-and-wife duo behind San Francisco’s Bluestem Brasserie, understand the sway of grilled cheese, and turned it into a signature bar snack.

The Grilled Cheese and Honey stars truffled cheese sandwiched between crispy levain bread, topped with cured egg yolk shavings and served with a dipping sauce of Séka Hills honey. “Our grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food and great for snacking when you’re sipping on a cocktail or two during happy hour,” says Stacy Jed, co-owner of this urban neighborhood restaurant.

“We use a truffle cheddar that has an earthy, sharp flavor and is complemented by the sweet local honey. The salty and sweet combination of the cheese and honey, with the addition of the cured yolk for an extra savory punch, is the ultimate adult grilled cheese.”

The Grilled Cheese is in good company on the bar menu, which boasts other elevated snacks perfect for sharing while sipping, including Grass-Fed Steak Tartare with anchovy, caper, Cognac, cornichon and quail egg, and Chicken Liver Toast with seasonal accompaniments.


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