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June 10, 2021


The increased interest in plant-based eating is inspiring chefs to incorporate dairy-free offerings across their menus, not just as a meat replacement. While consumers have become more accustomed to alternative milks in their coffee beverages, dairy-free possibilities in expanded drink and dessert offerings is becoming easier to execute, with creamy, delicious results.

Made with an ultra-pure plant-based formula that’s culinary focused and emphasizes clean taste, Ripple brings versatility and performance into the kitchen along with rich flavor and creamy, craveable texture. With 8 grams of plant-based protein and half the sugar of dairy milk, Ripple helps guests give themselves permission to indulge in something that’s good for them. And with 31 percent of consumers saying they’re more willing to try dairy-free desserts than two years ago (2019 Dessert Consumer Trend Report, Technomic), there couldn’t be a better time to include Ripple’s plant-based milks, half & half and frozen desserts as part of your everyday operations.

“Ripple allows you the freedom and flexibility to create allergen-free, dairy-free versions of your recipes without sacrificing anything,” says Ripple’s Corporate Chef Dan Follese. “It’s really just a simple 1:1 swap – no additional tweaking required.”

Whether it’s a classically inspired vanilla shake — a blend of Ripple Vanilla Frozen Dessert with Vanilla Ripple Milk — or a south-of-the-border influenced waffle taco — Ripple Cinnamon Churro Frozen Dessert nestled in a waffle cone, dairy-free desserts have never been easier and more delicious.

While Ripple’s foaming capabilities make it a terrific dairy substitute for all those must-have coffee drinks, it isn’t limited to just those standards. Its workhorse attributes carry it far beyond the coffee bar.

For a new twist on the old-fashioned cream soda, add cola and a shot of espresso or cold brew concentrate to a glass of ice. Pour over Chocolate Ripple for an indulgent swirl. Smoothies get even more delicious when made with Ripple and tea or cold brew with optional flavorings. It makes for a refreshing, creamy drink with 50 percent less ice. For another cool-down option, blend Ripple with tea and fresh fruit and pour over ice, adding a short pour of sparkling seltzer for some effervescence.

Or ‘travel’ to the East with a mixture of Thai tea, ice and a shot of honey sweetener and pour over Ripple Half & Half. Go for the layered look with a topping of foamed Ripple.

And that’s just the beginning. “Ripple is an easy way to keep your favorite scratch recipes for biscuits, shortbreads or even waffles dairy-free,” says Follese. “All of Ripple’s products have one thing in common: traditional dairy flavor.”

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