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Deli Delight Packed | Chicago

Posted on May 1, 2016 in Best of Flavor, Best of Flavor 2016

Deli Delight: Packed | Chicago

Deli Delight Packed | Chicago


The trend in updating deli favorites has pastrami and Reubens leading the pack, and with global mash-ups moving into eclectic ones, the Pastrami Dumpling at Packed is right on the money: spiced and cured brisket, violet mustard and pickled green tomatoes stuffed into a delicate dumpling. “As one slowly enters the mouth, pillows of steam float out carrying slight whiffs of smoke and undertones of beefy meatiness,” says Chef Mike Sheerin. “The sweet-and-spicy mustard cuts through the unctuous fullness of spiced and cured brisket. The balanced sharpness of crunchy pickled green tomatoes finishes the deli exploration.” This innovative item represents Sheerin’s culinary objectives for Packed: “putting re-imagined flavors into dumplings.” And it’s working. “Those who know what pastrami is love it, and those who are introduced for the first time also love it.”

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