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What Flavor Means to Me It's an art where all five senses take place as one

“Food is art.” It’s a quote I’ve heard since I can remember and to me, cannot be any truer. I learned very early in life to appreciate art in all of its forms. My parents are avid art collectors and as a little girl, museums were my favorite place to go on weekends. I started in college as a Visual Arts major, only to discover there was a much more personal, intense, dynamic, intimate not-so-traditional form of art: Cooking. So I traded a canvas for a plate, and paints and art mediums for culinary ingredients. My art form—as opposed to other art forms—is one where all five senses take place as one.

Sight: You see a work of art on a plate. Color, texture, shapes, dimension, perspective—all combine in one perfect piece where only a lucky few will enjoy.

Smell: Before you even taste this piece of art, the brain is delightfully enjoying it. It’s a prelude of what the mouth is about to experience.

Sound: What is more exciting than the sound of oil in a hot sauté pan? It’s like the cooking gods singing to give us a hint of what is about to happen.

Touch: There is nothing more fantastic than feeling the smoothness of a mushroom, the roughness of crispy bacon, the velvety texture of a béchamel.

Flavor: Flavor is the conclusion; that magical moment where everything comes together in one perfect bite. It has the power to take us to enchanted places where one can get lost in time and space. Flavor is where art meets the world, and as a chef, I become one with it all.

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Maira Isabel Morales is the corporate executive chef and director of R&D for Schlotzsky's - Focus Brands.