Using beans and legumes in creative applications promises modern results
Versatile, convenient and familiar, wraps roll into a lot of today’s flavor trends
Add zing, sweetness, savoriness, heat—all possible with savory jams
Give younger consumers the coffee drinks they look for
Today’s diners look for lingering heat with a punch of nuanced flavor


Cold-pressed juices, functional ingredients, high-impact flavorings, Greek yogurt bases, favorite dessert flavors—all of these help make up modern smoothies
Although tacos hold a well-earned position among trending super stars, it might be time to look to their cousin, the quesadilla. Savory, rich, satisfying—and just as versatile as the taco
When it comes to BBQ, chefs are upping their sides game, leaning into the plant-based phenomenon and offering their guests big flavor with modern takes of traditional sides like barbecue beans
Chefs are innovating in the bruschetta category, matching its appeal with modern takes on flavor and texture combinations