Picture for Happy Hour: Okonomiyaki Waffle
Sunda New Asian | Chicago
Picture for Seafood Stacks: Monterey Squid Okonomiyaki
Pabu Izakaya | San Francisco
Picture for Curry Nikutama Udon
Curry Nikutama Udon with Japanese curries, beef, caramelized onions, a soft- poached egg, tempura flakes and green onions
Picture for Hot Chicken Buns
Hot Chicken Buns with Kewpie mayo slaw and a dill pickle on steamed bao buns
Picture for Bento Box
Bento Box with nigiri, makimono and sashimi
Picture for Chicken Karaage
Chicken Karaage with shishito peppers, wasabi aïoli, furikake and charred lemon
Picture for Eastern Med Meets Japanese
Ingredients like miso and tahini are joining forces for a powerful flavor impact
Picture for Championing Chicken
Chicken moves into stardom when chefs show it some love, developing recipes that are delicious and trend-forward. Here are three dishes that stand out—each bringing a different approach to a very familiar protein.
Picture for Korean-Style Ramen
Mŏkbar offers a Mŏkbar Classic: Ramen, braised pork, gochujang pork broth, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts, scallion, nori
Picture for Triple-Comfort Noodles
Ani Ramen House's Chicken Katsu Curry Ramen - Japanese curry and panko-breaded chicken over ramen noodles
Picture for Japan's Comfort Cuisine
Thanks to the proliferation of ramen bowls, along with the new izakaya wave, chefs are discovering the flavors of comfort-forward Japanese ingredients and dishes, like karaage, katsu and okonomiyaki, promising craveable, memorable experiences.