Picture for 6 Ways To Go Hard With Desserts
Adding the buzz of hard seltzer to sweet treats
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Desserts
Dessert innovations leveraging the flavors and formats consumers yearn for today
Picture for The Yodel
Devil’s food cake log stuffed with dark chocolate, hazelnut brittle and white chocolate
Picture for Big Fun Super Sundae
Gelato, chocolate sauce, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo crumbs, cinnamon-sugar doughnut holes, Airheads candy stick
Picture for The Best Cake You've Ever Had
Best Cake You’ve Ever Had with Medjool dates, brown-sugar caramel and crispy bacon
Picture for Hollywood Blondie
Oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate chunks, caramel blondie, cake icing, vanilla whipped cream, toasted coconut
Picture for Sticky Toffee Pudding
Warm date cake, candied pecans, caramel sauce, bourbon cream custard, vanilla-bean ice cream
Picture for Sansho Spice Sorbet
Sansho Spice Sorbet with sansho pepper, lemon, blood orange
Picture for Olive Oil Semifreddo
Olive Oil Semifreddo with chestnut cream, Asian pear, almond praline
Picture for El Cubanito
Tobacco-laced gianduja chocolate cigars, café-caramel flan, guava pastelitos, café con leche dipping sauce, Cuban coffee