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Raising the Potato Bar Idaho Potato Commission & Macy’s Restaurants | based in Cincinnati

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In honor of the store’s 125th anniversary last year, Macy’s brought back its heralded Stuffed Baked Potato Bar to its restaurants, a concept born at the store in 1926. As part of the month-long promotion, it offered a whopping 125 toppings, cleverly tying the anniversary milestone to a dizzying array of customizable flavor options.

Toppings included flavor-forward ingredients like short ribs, cochinita pibil and chorizo, candied walnuts, tortilla strips and jalapeño bacon, as well as curry sauce, guacamole and sambal.

“Chefs recognize Idaho Russet potatoes as one of nature’s premier culinary building blocks,” says Don Odiorne, Idaho Potato Commission’s VP of Foodservice. “The stuffed, often twice-baked, potato is an American standard that provides an amazing palette for layering flavors, textures and colors.”

Julianne Ratliff, Culinary Director for Macy’s, elevates the stuffed potato with creative, delicious combinations that complement the Russet’s mild flavor and fluffy texture.

Her recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Chimichurri Idaho Baked Potato showcases the potential for flavor innovation with this platform, delivering the classic taste and texture of an Idaho baker topped with tangy chimichurri sauce, turmeric-roasted cauliflower and a crispy cheese garnish.

Another offering that demonstrates culinary finesse is the Bone Marrow Idaho Baked Potato, sporting bone marrow, cheddar béchamel, summer truffles and truffle oil.

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