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Bomb.com is made with Red Bull, strawberry, watermelon, fresh orange

Dylan Roeder and Chase Wardrop

The beverage world is seeing so much creative innovation, from culinary cocktails to cold-pressed juices to handcrafted sodas. But The Soda Shop takes it to a new, Millennial- and Gen Z-friendly level.

With this creative soda concept, Co-Founders Dylan Roeder and Chase Wardrop take popular fountain drinks, fresh-brewed teas and other beverages, and give them a modern shake-up. For instance, the Shark Attack combines Sprite, lemonade and blue raspberry, topped with a little gummy shark. The Big Daddy sees a mix of Dr. Pepper with raspberry and coconut cream.

The Soda Shop also has a category of drinks, called Revivers, that feature Red Bull. “Every week, we sell more and more Revivers as they get more popular,” says Roeder. “A lot of customers are asking for more drinks with Red Bull bases, and many have already started customizing and making their own combinations with the flavors we offer.”

A popular drink on the Reviver menu is the Bomb.com. “To prepare this drink, we add watermelon and strawberry flavor in a cup with Red Bull, mix it all together, and top it off with fresh-squeezed oranges,” says Wardrop. “Red Bull independently has a very pleasant, but distinct and almost bitter taste. The Bomb.com was created with the intention to take that Red Bull flavor and sweeten it up a bit. It keeps the kick of the Red Bull, but gives it a sweet twist with the addition of strawberry and watermelon flavors.”

Roeder and Wardrop have tapped into something big here. “Customers love The Soda Shop for the experience just as much as the drink,” says Wardrop. “All of our drinks have a fun name that almost gives the drink a personality of its own.”  In addition to a menu of nearly 20 “Shop Classics,” customers have the option for customizable builds, choosing from a base of beverages and a menu of add-ins including flavors, purées, fresh citrus and creams.

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