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Pasta Gets a Textural Boost Surprising textural finishes offer big impact

Bottarga adds indulgence to this classically simple pasta dish.
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Lorenzo Boni, Corporate Executive Chef, Barilla America

Today, textural play is moving to new heights, with fries seeing a dollop of caviar, a roasted carrot finished with mint crystals, and a cocktail garnished with habanero dust. It’s all about Wow! factor and amped up flavor delivery.

Shaved bottarga might be one of the oldest applications of a flavor “dust” in culinary history. Bottarga is the salt-cured roe of the Mediterranean grey mullet, and the featured star of the classically simple Spaghetti Bottarga from Sardinia. Much like pearls of caviar, the roe introduces umami and depth to a simple dish of spaghetti and olive oil, making it a timeless favorite.

Lorenzo Boni, Corporate Executive Chef for Barilla America, shares this classic dish, using Barilla Collezione Spaghetti as the platform. “I am a simple guy. I could live on an island forever—just give me spaghetti, olive oil, black pepper and mullet bottarga,” he says. His version sees a smart technique of melting the grated bottarga with a few tablespoons of cooking water, creating a thick cream. He then combines that with the pasta, extra-virgin olive oil and black pepper.

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